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Summer 2003  
Outdoor improvements
We have done considerable work on the outside of the house and may still do more. This page has five photos that will scroll on their own.

New Stones - As part of the exterior painting, we added stone drains to avoid splashing mud onto the house.

Pedal Boat - This bright orange pedal boat will take you all the way around the lake if you have the stamina. It is people powered.

Screened porch - Exterior view; the porch opens directly onto the deck.

Screened porch - Interior view; comfortable wicker furniture provides a great place to sit, listen to the frogs and loons, and enjoy the view. While we do have occasional loons, the frogs are much more common.

View of the lake - This panorama is the unimpeded view that expands upon what you can see from the screened porch.


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Lake House in the Adirondacks